Hydroelectric Project

When facing the complex terrain environment and geological conditions from the hydroelectric construction, the technical requirements of the soil nail must be extremely strict and cautious. As a professional company, our Sinorock products are fully demonstrated its superiority in hydroelectric project. Till now, Sinorock products have used soil nail in several hydroelectric projects, including:Beihetan hydro-power station,Pakistan NJ hydroelectric project,Malaysia Hulu hydroelectric project,Nepal Melamchi water supply project,Nepal Upper Tamakoshi hydroelectric project,Ecuador Minas project,Ecuador Topo project

Project Details:

Pakistan NJ Hydroelectric Project

Pakistan NJ Hydroelectric Project (NJ is short for Neelum-Jhelum) is part of an under construction run-of-the-river hydroelectric power scheme designed to divert water from the Neelum River to a power station on the Jhelum River. The power station is locatede in Azad Kashmir, 22 km south of Muzaffarabad and will have an installed capacity of 969MW. Construction on the project began in 2008 after a Chinese consortium was awarded the construction contract in July 2007. The project is expected to be complete in 2016. Significant delays, funding issues, and the potential impacts of India’s Kishanganga Hydroelectric Project upstream have surrounded the project.