T130 Soil Nail

t130 soil nail

About Product:


T130 Soil Nail

Soil Nail Size Outer Dia. (mm) Inner Dia. (mm) Ultimate Load (KN) Yield Load (KN) Weight (Kg/m) Thread
T130 130 60 7940 5250 75.6 R


Anchor Coupling

Coupling Outer Dia. (mm) Length (mm) Weight (Kg) Thread
168 300 22.00 R

Anchor Nut

Nut Size Type Key Size (mm) Length (mm) Weight (Kg)
R51 Spherical Collar Nut 175 175 19.7

Anchor Plate

Plate Size Type Dimensions (mm) Thickness (mm) Hole Dia. (mm) Weight (Kg)
T130/60 Plat Plate 350*350 100 145 83.00


Centralizer Size Outer Dia. (mm) Length (mm) Weight (Kg)
T130 220 80 3.60

Drill Bits

Drill Bits Type Size Diameter (mm)
ESS-F T130 ø220

Product Description

T130 soil nail is especially used in the unsteady geological conditions, such as sand, gravel, silt, clays and the soft to medium fractured rock formations. So the traditional construction problems will no longer be the problem.On the other hand, the flexible and simple installation process can obviously increase the efficiency of some temporary supporting projects.

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