What factors affect the soil nail system supporting in construction

Generally the condition of soil nail system support is applicable to reinforce the stability of the rock or a complete roadway surrounding rock, but in soft surrounding rock ,broken rock or coal roadway with large scale and dynamic pressure,which fail to get the right and lead to quality accidents.

So analysis the defects of soil nail system supporting :

1,The design method of soil nail system support is not scientific, although it has already make a standard of soil nail system supporting in coal roadway, but the vast majority adopts the engineering analogy method when design, the supporting form and parameters are not reasonable, and it is likely that support strength is too high, large cost of support and waste materials;In soft and weak support and so on special geological conditions,the under strength may also be insufficient, such as roof safety accidents;

2,The material quality of soil nail system supporting can't meet the requirements,such as the quality of steel,processing quality of screw thread steel, resin cartridge quality directly affects the quality of support;

3,The monitoring instrument and technology of soil nail system can't meet the needs of the accuracy which site construction commonly required, the practicability of soil nail system is not perfect, can not fully reflect supporting effect;

4, Under the condition of existing technology, the construction factors is a key link which directly affects the process of the soil nail system supporting.The construction operate people can not fully understanding of the theory of soil nail system supporting system, the quality management for installation of soil nails does not reach the designated position, construction can not meet the design requirements.