The soil nails support optimization technology research

Soil nails supporting is a kind of active supporting system, it is embodied in:

(1) Soil nails support is the timely support, that is, in the early years of rock excavation of
soil nails installation, after installation of surrounding rock with significant axial and lateral support resistance, prevent the expansion of loose rock and loose circle.

(2)Applying reasonable installation stress in a timely manner, and in order to control the deformation of the early surrounding rock, improving the self-bearing ability of surrounding rock of roadway, inhibit the further expansion of loose circle.Installation stress as well as hydraulic support setting force roof support to play an active supporting role.

In order to reduce the push nets and roadway falling phenomenon, improve the effectiveness of the rockfall net supporting, it must be according to the concept of the soil nails support, combined with the actual, formulate feasible measures to improve the effect of roadway support.

2.1 The cylinder cut way

2.2 The permanent soil nails support in a timely manner, strengthen the roof during the head-on empty top management

2.3 Improve the pre-tightening force of soil nails support system