The matters needing attention of soil nailing design

It is well known that soil nailing technology plays a decisive role to the stability of the foundation support engineering, which has become the focus of the current engineering research, and has an important effect on the smooth construction of the engineering, therefore, in order to ensure the stability of soil nailing of the maximum to meet the requirement of foundation support construction, on the basis of fully research support foundation stability, but also should accurately grasp the parameters such as length of soil nail, spacing and dip angle, only in this way thus can guarantee that the soil nailing technology plays a role on the stability of foundation support engineering, but in the implementation of the technology, also should pay attention to the following three aspects:

First, there is tend to be filling in the upper excavation process,making the force at center location in supporting height of soil nail bigger, so in order to improve the bearing capacity, should increase the density of the soil nail while anchored into the longest soil nails.

Second, due to the overall effect of the soil nailing will influence the choice of soil nail spacing, therefore, it is not yet accurately calculate the data of distance ,but it should be chosen within the scope of the 1.2 m to 2 m based on previous experience of soil nail vertical and horizontal, especially when determining the vertical spacing should be set according to the actual circumstance of the soil.

Finally, the inclination of soil nailing influenced by characteristics of layered soil and grouting drilling process, generally set it to 0 ° ~ 20 °.Practice shows that if the inclination of soil nailing is small, its resistance to deformation is stronger, but it is not easy to grasp the quality of grouting, on the contrary, its resistance to deformation ability is poor, but can make a better quality of soil nailing anchor into the soil.