The Main Points of Soil Nail During Construction

At present, soil nail has been widely used in foundation pit, underground anti-floating, tunnel, slope support, water conservancy and hydropower, highway bridge, etc. Its quality will directly influence security of whole project. So, some main points should be noticed during installation of soil nail.

1. Before excavation, distribution, physical and mechanical property of soil layer should be.

2. During construction, drilling parameter should be controlled and drilling spreed should be mastered to avoid bit burying, bit jamming, hole collapse, chip off-falling, sand gushing, hole shrinkage and being difficult for casing.

3. Installing soil nail by using drill machine and then grouting.

4. Installing soil nail should be assembled according to design requirements, inserting seriously and ensuring quality.

5. Grouting should also follow design requirements, controlling mix proportion of cement paste and cement mortar, stirring evenly, making grouting equipment and pipeline in good conditions.

6. Checking drilling diameter, depth and angle, insertion length, grouting pressure and amount, sprayed concrete thickness and strength, etc.

7. After construction completion of every segment’s support, slope top and surface displacement should be checked. If there is abnormal condition, measures should be taken to guarantee normal construction.

Quality and security of project has direct relationship with people’s life, so does soil nail support.