The Distinction of Soil Nail and Anchor Bolt

The anchor bolt is a component to transmit the pulling to the stable rock and soil layers. If the steel strand or high-strength steel wire bundle was adopted to be material of anchor bar, the anchor bolt can also be called anchor cable.
Soil nail is a kind of reinforcement technology in situ based on NATM theory. It will install the reinforce anchor bolts and spray concrete layer on the natural or artificial slope. The aim of the soil nail is to improve the mechanical properties of the whole geotechnical system and enhance the stability of the slope or foundation trench.
Relating to the mechanical principle, the anchor bolt will bear the force actively for advance support and it is applied widely in the rock formations. While the soil nail bear theforce passively with the cohesive force and frictional force between the soil nail and the soil body when the soil mass deformed.
Soil nail is relying on the effect of reinforced layer and its density is bigger than the anchor bolt. The anchor bolt embodies the function of single bolts.