The Construction Technical Requirements of Soil Nail System

With the rapid development of economy in the world nowadays, the above-ground space already cannot satisfy the need of people's daily lives. The activity space is expanding continuously to underground space. The choice of construction scheme in the foundation support has a significant impact on the engineering safety and economic benefit. Considering the actual conditions of construction site, the soil nail system is the most economical choice.

The construction technical requirements are just as follows:

  1. Pore-forming
    The pore-forming technology of the soil nail system is determined by the geological conditions, the equipment capacity and the construction experience. It is suitable to adopt the casing pipe in the sand stratum where the holes collapse easily.
  2. Placing Self Drilling Anchor Bolts
    First clean up the sundries and the mud in the hole. Then place the self drilling anchor bolts of the soil nail system. Next set the positioning frame every 2 to 3 meters.
  3. Grouting
    There should be a stop-grouting plug around the orifice and close to the wall of the hole. The grouting method that grouting from hole bottom should be adopted for the soil nail system.