The Characteristics of Soil Nail Wall Support

Soil nail wall support is consisted of dense soil nail group, soil body and sprayed concrete pavement. It is a compound and self-stabilized retaining structure, like gravity retaining wall, which aims to resist soil pressure and other loads and then makes foundation pit or slope stable.

The applied range of soil nail wall support is wide, such as: temporary support, permanent retaining structure, repair, rebuild and reinforcement of existing structures and support, etc.

The characteristics of soil nail wall support are as following:

1. Soil nail and soil body form as a compound, which improves slope stability, bears pressure and strengthens ductile. It can also change situation of sudden collapse and benefit for secure construction.

2. The displacement of soil nail wall is small. About 20mm displacement has little influence on surrounding buildings.

3. Construction equipment is light and operation is simple. Because the length of soil nail is shorter than anchor bolt, it is convenient for drilling and grouting. Only need equipment to spray concrete, the cost is low and economic benefit is good.

4. It can match well with soil excavation and realize flow process, with short duration and little noise.

5. Because of construction in several stages and layers, unstable factors maybe happen. The displacement detection should be proceeded before construction and then adopt necessary methods.