The Application Principle of Soil Nailing Wall

Generally, soil body has low shearing strength and little tensile strength, but certain structural integrity. After installing dense soil nailing wall with certain length, it combines action with soil body and forms compound body to remedy the shortcomings of soil body and develop the function of soil nailing wall.

There are several advantages of soil nailing wall in the application of reinforcing slope: ① project cost low; ② it can restrain stress relief and deformation; ③ it has strong adaption for geological conditions; ④ the construction machines are portable and cause little noise; ⑤ it helps to enhance integral rigidity of soil body and stabilize structure of stratum.

The supporting system of soil nailing wall consists of three aspects: reinforced soil body, soil nailing inserted into soil and sprayed concrete on excavation face.

From mechanics, the principle of soil nailing wall support is using rather strong tensile, shear and bending strength of soil nails to make up shortcomings of natural soil body. Through cohesive force and frictional resistance between soil body and soil nailing wall, it plays a role of framework combining with sprayed concrete, which enhances integral rigidity of soil body, improves deformation performance and makes stratum stable and have strong shearing strength.