The analysis of soil nails stability in foundation support engineering

Along with the rapid development of social economy in our country, people has higher requirement for the construction of foundation support engineering, so in the deepening of construction of foundation support engineering, only in this way the bearing load of soil nailing is more and more big, therefore, in order to ensure the smooth progress of foundation support engineering, reducing the consumption of project capital and reduce the threat of the personal safety of construction personnel, it is important to have a detailed discussion on the stability of soil nails in foundation support engineering in this paper.

1 The analysis of mechanical characteristics of soil nails

Anchor the soil nails into the foundation pit of soil so that it generate interaction with land, to share with the stability of the foundation pit.But in the actual construction,the soil nails will be affected by all kinds of force, so the stress distribution is very complex, for example, on the one hand soil nails affected by shear forces, on the other hand soil nails also affected by the tension, so to have a research on the process and the distribution of soil nails force, which is good for having a more clear understanding on the stability of soil nailing and have a very important role on the smooth going on of the foundation pit engineering as well as the completion of high quality and low risk, low investment.

1.1The analysis of loading process of soil nails

The relationship between the process of soil nails force and construction sequence is relatively close,the soil itself is stable when excavation the first level,the soil nails force anchored into the soil at this time is smaller or little force.As the construction going on,the first layer of soil nails force increases gradually,gradually under the pressure which generated by land movement.So excavation continues,the superior soil nail forces gradually increased.

1.2 The distribution of soil nails force

Comprehensive analysis of the stress distribution shows that the soil nails force is bigger in the position of the sliding surface, below the sliding surface is a rectangular distribution.