Support Technology of Soil Nailing

With construction of underground engineering, the integrity of surrounding rocks is easy to be broken, adding with weathering and stress relief in crushed zone, it is easy to collapse. So soil nailing support is widely used. It can create great effect for anchoring, restrain weathering, improve the whole carrying capacity of surrounding rocks and prevent collapse by shotcreting on the surface of rocks.

Soil nailing technology can raise surrounding rocks’ intensity and stability. It has advantages of simple operation, low cost, safety and promptness, which has brought great attention in the field of mining industry and geotechnical engineering. Soil nailing and underground diaphragm wall, as supporting structure of high-rise buildings with good integrity and impermeability, has little effect on surrounding environment and strong adaptability for stratum conditions.

Excavating foundation pit, at the same time, settling soil nail on slope and installing mental net on surface to form support structure of soil nailing wall. Support technology of soil nailing in slope of foundation pit has retaining effect, is actually a practical reinforcement technology in situ.