Soil nailing wall for temporary or perpetual supporting

The soil nailing wall is a type of structural technology for temporary or perpetual supporting.

It is constructed during the excavation process, in order to guarantee the slope's stability and constrain the transformation.

The soil nailing wall is made up by setting soil nails with fixed length and density and surface layer of concrete. The soil nails and the soil make a combined action for sake of restricting the transformation of the slope and ensure the slope's whole stability, so the passive buttress will change into the active reinforcing. This craft is simple, with quick construction and notable economic efficiency. But the soil nailing wall constructed will disturb the pipelines underground and it will be difficult to be used in the loose sand without cohesion or on the ground with a lot of water. It is costly to apply the soil nails in the mollisoles. And when the soil nailing wall is supported to be permanent, problems of durability such as corrosion should be considered specially.

Sinorock is please to be the consultant for execution and to design the soil nailing technique for stabilization of the natural or manmade soil slope. We have been regularly using this technique for the stabilization of the soil slope in different challenging environments with satisfactory approach. The theory of the soil nailing and its application is discussed below for observation and consideration of the facts of this technique. It is completely our pleasure to take an opportunity for implementing the applications of this technique.