Soil nailing system in the application of the large deformation tunnel support

Large deformation of tunnel surrounding rock deformation are often up to tens of centimeters, accompanying with the development of displacement of the plastic ring is thickening, as to form a huge pressure on the supporting structure, causing the destruction of the support and surrounding rock instability, while the plastic ring can greatly reduce the deformation of surrounding rock,at the same time it can reduce the tangential stress concentration of the surrounding rock;Scientific philosophy is that allowed to produce the control of the displacement in surrounding rock,which can form a certain thickness of the plastic circle within the surrounding rock, reducing frame load with using soil nailing system, in this way you can realized the stability of deep surrounding rock.So use of soil nailing system supporting of soft rock, thus can solving the problem of soft rock tunnel supporting.

Soil nailing systems are suitable for large deformation of soft rock roadways, and it can play an important role in maintaining the complex geological conditions and weak fracture zone which the conventional support or other conventional method is difficult to supporting.The supporting mechanism of soil nailing systems is through a combination of supporting structure to formed the soil nailing supporting structure within the surrounding rock of roadway under external load, thus can reduce the deformation of surrounding rock of roadway, let drift in a stable state.

By using soil nailing system making its surrounding rock under tension device for horizontal tension, formed in the rock band force and formed in the surrounding rock within the "rock arch", and layout anchor wire through the holes of the soil nail lower end form a soil nailing system, "pocket" the soft rock between soil nails .Finally in the tunnel section, crisscross decorates the soil nailing system before and after to entire tunnel and surrounding rock deformation of "tightening their belts".