Soil nailing design for deep foundation pit

Soil nailing as an active supporting technology which is developing rapidly in recent years , suitabled for similar reinforcement and deep foundation pit supporting.

The principle of Soil nailing design technology

The principle of soil nailing design is using the superiority of soil nail relatively strong tensile, shear and bending strength (mainly by tensile) for making up the inadequacy of their natural soil shear strength.The effect of Soil nailing with soil reinforcement through the cohesive force and frictional resistance interface between soil and soil nailing (relative deformation in soil and soil nail) was able to play. On the other hand,soil nails which gathering in the soil have the effect of the space frame, cooperate with spraying concrete slabs, soil - soil nailing - panel interaction, working together as a whole, make the whole stiffness of soil greatly increased after reinforcement, deformation performance also improved, which become a kind of good performance of active supporting system.

The applicability of the soil nailing design supporting technology

Soil nailing is suitable for the soil which can meet the requirement of certain temporary stability capacity since the excavation of the underground water level in the final the following or after precipitation.

Soil nailing design process

Process flow is: the excavation of foundation pit - trimming slope - production of soil nail - drilling soil nail holes - installation of soil nail - anchor to slurry - steel mesh - shotcrete.