Soil Nail System

Soil nail system refers to the supporting system by using spindly rod piece as stress component to reinforce and anchor soil body, combining with sprayed concrete pavement. Soil nail system consists of tense soil nail group, reinforced soil body, sprayed concrete surface and necessary waterproofing system.

Generally speaking, soil nail system applies to conditions that above underground water or foundation support and slope reinforcement in artificial fill, clayey soil and weak cemented sand. The depth should be not more than 18m. When combined utilization with pre-stressed anchor, its depth can be increased.

Through slip crack, soil nail reinforces surrounding soil. Combined action between soil nail and soil will largely improve stiffness and strength of compound soil body, just like gravity retaining wall. When stress condition changes, soil body inevitably appears deformation. By soil nail’s reinforcement and soil body’s frictional force, soil nail will get tension passively and give restraint to soil, then reach to stabilization effect.

Features of soil nail system:

1. Reasonably utilizing soil body’s self-bearing capacity, taking soil body as the indivisible part of supporting system.

2. Its structure is light, flexibility is big. It also has good aseismicity and ductility.

3. It’s convenient and safe to construct and it doesn’t need occupy space.

4. Deformation is small after supporting, stable and reliable.

5. Total time of construction is short, low cost and economic.