Sinorock is Excellent among Soil Nail Suppliers

Luoyang Sinorock Engineering Material Co., Ltd is specialized in the development, production and sales of products in the geotechnical anchorage areas. Sinorock is excellent among soil nail suppliers. We devote ourselves to create world-famous brand. We have a goal which is producing first-class anchoring products and serving world high-end customers.

What is different from other soil nail suppliers, Sinorock has several advanced rock bolt production lines and accessories processing equipment, standardized management system are our powerful guarantee and help us excellent quality, energy-efficient and environment rock bolts for soil nailing.

To be the leader among soil nail suppliers, we have great research and development group to provide great support for the development of our future. Soil nailing is a construction technique that can be used as a remedial measure to treat unstable natural soil slopes or as a construction technique that allows the safe over-steepening of new or existing soil slopes. It will install the reinforce anchor bolts and spray concrete layer on the natural or artificial slope. As an excellent soil nail supplier, our aim is to improve the mechanical properties of the whole geotechnical system and enhance the stability of the slope or foundation trench.