Sinorock is Becoming Famous among Soil Nail Suppliers

Luoyang Sinorock Engineering Material Co., Ltd is specialized in the development, production and sales of products in the geotechnical anchorage areas. Sinorock is becoming famous among soil nail supplies. We are proud to make good products that make the industries we serve safer and more efficient.
What is different from other soil nail suppliers, Sinorock has continuous investment in research and a highly respected and renowned technical team working alongside customers to drive improvement and innovation. Soil nails are passive structural elements and are not tensioned after installation. The soil nail gains pullout resistance from within the sliding soil mass in front of the slip plane and the stable soil mass located behind the slip plane. The geometric system of soil nail placements creates an internally reinforced soil mass that is stable.
To be the leader among soil nail supplies, we have searched that soil nails work very efficiently in medium dense to dense sand with Standard Penetration Test values, "N" > 7 blows per foot. They also are suited for low plasticity cohesive soil (clays) with SPT values of "N" > 8 blows per foot, which also have soil cohesion values exceeding 1,000 psf through the entire depth of soil to be stabilized.