Several Problems in Deep Foundation Pit Construction Engineering

1. Slope of foundation pit collapse.

Collapse is usually happened at construction stage or just construction completion. Exploring its reason, most situations are happened without following designed demand. During construction of soil nail system, seriflux in drill hole should be kept full to increase cohesiveness between soil nail and surrounding stratum, which can prevent collapse.

2. Horizontal displacement of slope is big.

The worse geological condition in foundation pit is, the larger horizontal displacement of support structure and soil body is. Generally, soil body’s horizontal displacement is larger than surrounding support structures. Facing with this situation, underground construction should be stopped and stability should be reanalyzed, then treatment measures should be put forward.

3. Surrounding buildings happen deformation.

During urban construction, many foundation pits are near buildings, once improper operation happens, surrounding buildings are easy to appear deformation. Generally speaking, buildings’ deformation is caused by foundation settlement, which will not only threaten people’s safety, but also influence construction of foundation pit.

To cure above problems, construction site should strengthen management according to designed demand.