Self Drilling Soil Nail for Wanmipo Hydropower Station

Slope treatment engineering is widely distributed in the highway, railway, water conservancy project and other infrastructures. The construction methods are different from each other.

Because of the complex geological conditions of the high slope of Wanmipo Hydropower Station, it’s difficult for the common rock bolt to drill hole and difficult to work. The application of self drilling soil nail effectively solved the difficult problem of drilling hole into loose rock and soil. Meanwhile, it has the advantages of high efficiency and quality security. Especially the larger diameter self drilling soil nail has a remarkable effect. Self drilling soil nail construction technology is simple, easy, and reliable. It’s applicable to slope support for loose rock and soil.

As a new construction technology, self drilling soil nail has been widely used in the hydropower projects in recent years, which has solved some technical problems in the anchorage construction of loose rock and soil. In the construction of right bank slope of Wanmipo hydropower project, self drilling soil nail overcame the problems of hole collapse and making hole in the extremely loose and broken rock and soil. Combined with the mesh shotcrete, drainage holes and other support methods, the application of self drilling soil nail realized the initial stability of the right bank slope of Wanmipo hydropower. Self drilling soil nail played a crucial role in the construction. It has accumulated some experience for further application of self drilling soil nail.