Quality control of soil nail wall

Soil nail wall has the advantages that simple construction equipment , convenient operation, the construction does not occupy a separate space, light structure, and flexible, low engineering cost, single occupancy period and so on.Making a analysis summary based on the rationality of the design of soil nail wall, construction quality control, monitoring summary, which provide effective technical experience for the future construction practice.In order to guarantee the quality of soil nail wall, from these aspects of the design parameters, the control of the quality of the materials, construction and monitoring of quality to control, etc.

2.1 The soil parameters:

In the selected soil c, φ-values, for quick shear test of sand drainage under the conditions that are available come for permeable water-bearing clay;For water with poor permeability of clay, usable consolidation undrained shear test.

2.2 The load:

Apart from weight of soil pressure, but also the surface static loads and vehicles rolling live loads, static pressure and seepage of groundwater pressure and so on.

2.3 Cohesive force between soil and soil nail:

The cohesive force is related with soil type, drilling grouting method, grouting pressure and so on many factors,which must be determined by field pull-out test.

2.4 Soil nail length:

The soil nails distributed along the height fluctuation, its maximum internal force is far away in using state , generally for central big, top and bottom are small, so the soil nails in the central played a important role.

2.5 Soil nailing density:

In soil nail wall construction,in order to make soil nail and surrounding soils form a whole combination, the soil nail spacing obviously is not too large, and generally the level of soil-nailing spacing and vertical spacing of the product is not more than 6m 2.

2.6 Soil nailing Angle:

General level down by value between 10 ° ~25 °in the soil nail wall construction, from the perspective of efficient utilization of soil nail pullout, the best direction parallel to the soil nailing and side pressure.

2.7 Stability analysis:

In the soil nail wall design, in order to ensure the stability of soil, taking a profile for stability analysis.