NEMA railway project team launched the checks about engineering security for the stability of the 19th national congress of the communist party of China

NEMA project, which is a railway construction from Kenya's capital Nairobi to the city of Malabar in the west of the country, built by the China. Meanwhile, china is responsible for the design, construction, procurement. On October 17,2017, for the implementation of the 19th national congress of the communist party of china and before the second presidential election in Kenya the safety requirements, and create a stable security environment ,the head of the china road and bridge corporation on NEMA rail project conducted a comprehensive safety inspection.

The inspection included three main aspects. To begin with, checked many details related to the construction process, for example, under construction scaffold erection, steel bar installation, templates and so on. Then, put forward specific recommendations to improve the project safety and quality, civilized construction and central soil and water conservation work. Finally, asked the guard to ensure the safety of explosives.

Among them, the most important item was the stability problems about the foundation of tunnels and bridges, which was the top priority of the project. However, expansion shell anchor bolt is widely used in these fields, which will significantly reduce security risk, for all kinds of tunnels, bridges and projects to lay a good foundation.