Nam Khan 3 Hydropower Project in Vietnam

Nam Khan 3 Hydropower Project is located on the main stream of Nam Khan River in Vietnam, about 31 kilometers away from downstream urban road, is the most downstream one among planned three cascade hydropowers. Project belongs to large scale, total installed capacity is 60 MW and annual energy output is 240 million KWH.

On December 31, 2015, full-section lining of diversion tunnel of Nam Khan 3 Hydropower Project was finished.

There are total 2 diversion tunnels, concrete linings both belong to circle section. This full completion of diversion tunnel’s lining had laid solid foundation for next plugging of diversion tunnel and reservoir impoundment, which also brought to a conclusion for 2015.

On January 17, 2016, diversion tunnel of Nam Khan 3 Hydropower Project was successfully plugged, which marked it officially impounded and created favorable conditions for electricity-generation of the first unit.

On March 4, water storage ceremony of Nam Khan 3 Hydropower Project was held.

On April 24, the first unit of Nam Khan 3 Hydropower Project was combines to the grid, which marked project officially began playing effect of electricity generation.

On May 30, rotor of the second hydro generator was hoisted in position and installation work entered into final assembly and debugging phrase.

Since construction, project department has formulated scientific plan, coordinated resources and optimized construction scheme to ensure security and quality. Also, many difficulties were overcame. After construction, it will relieve current situation of electricity shortages of northern regions in Vietnam and largely improve people’s production and living standards.

As for hydropower support, soil nailing is quite an effective supporting method. With different sizes and materials, soil nailing can support damsite, slope and diversion tunnel to avoid deformation and collapse and then reach permanent support.