Ivory Coast Border Highway Completed

On June, 2016, the Gali - Teng Grilla - Mali Border Highway by COVEC was completed. It was two months earlier than contract, successfully fulfilling the commitment to Ivory Coast prime minister on the project launching ceremony.

The total length of more than 130 km highway is an inline outside passage road. It plays an important role for the people of Ivory Coast and neighboring Mali, Guinea and other countries and has significant significance to promote the local economic and social development.

In order to change this 130 km mud road to be clear, COVEC spent 18 years to restart the project in the political turmoil and chaos of war. Although ups and downs, they stuck to the promise and finally handed over a satisfactory result which built a solid road of friendship.

With the rapid development of highway construction, the slope protection system constantly bring the highway department’s attention. The contractors have more and more consciousness on the construction quality and the safety of workers. To ensure the stability of highway and the safety of people, soil nail system is widely used in recent years. Soil nail provides a resisting force against slope failures. Its construction process is faster than other similar methods.