Infrastructure Construction in Khorgos

China has signed a contract with Kazakhstan about Khorgos infrastructure construction in 2015.

Khorgos is located in Xinjing Uygur Autonomous Region, between the westernmost of China and Kazakhstan and Mount Tianshan is not far from here. This joint development zone is equivalent to 400 stadiums, only China has invested 20 billion yuan.

“This place will become one of the most prosperous commercial districts, so it’s time to buy a house now...”, a real estate broker said to a customer. Commercial facilities, five-star hotels and international convention center will be gathered here.

Three years ago, this border strip was filled with sands and rocks, with the construction of highway and railway, development and exploitation have been emerged. An electronics store boss said optimistically :“ Kazakhstan will exploit and invest this year. If roads are unobstructed, this place will be bustling.”

The new Silk Road, linking China with Central Asia, Middle East and Europe, was mentioned by China. With the establishment of AIIB (Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank), manpower, material resources and financial resources will together drive development of Asia infrastructure construction.

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