Infrastructure Construction in Cyprus

To reach the goal made by EU and provide opportunity for marketing, Cyprus will increase input into energy, environmental protection, transportation, education, social security and will also construct several big projects in the aspect of infrastructure construction.

1. Energy Industry.

As an island country in Mediterranean region, Cyprus has no petroleum and coal resources, so the petroleum for generating electricity and transportation must be imported from other countries. The government realized this problem and advocated decreasing using petroleum and searching for alternative energy. There are several measures to change this situation: enhancing petroleum reserves, constructing Vasilikos Energy Center, implementing environmental and saving energy policy.

2. Environmental Protection Industry.

The overall situation of environmental protection in Cyprus is not optimistic. Sewage disposal system, environmental deterioration, water and soil shortage are all the restricting factors for Cyprus’ development. In the next 5 years, Cyprus will enlarge investment in the following fields: establishing 4 Waste Disposal Centers, enlarging pollution discharge system’s scale, rebuilding seawater desalting plant and water supply network, taking measures to decrease the emission of greenhouse gases and so on.

3. Public Transport System.

Recent years, the amount of car in Cyprus has increased largely, traffic congestion, accident rate, exhaust emission has further intensified. To solve these problems and make convenience for people’s life, Cyprus will increase public transport’s quantity, lines and stations, replace old buses and build ITS (intelligent transportation system).

4. The Construction of Road, Port and Airport.

Cyprus has small national territorial area and small population, there are no rail transit on island, so highway is the main transportation. It is inconvenient for people to go out, so government has made some investments: upgrading and reforming road network, increasing the amount of port and airport.

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