How does the Micropile Influence the Supporting System of the Composite Soil Nail Wall?

The composite supporting system of the micropile and the soil nail wall is a popular and effective supporting method. It has several advantages such as the convenient installation, short construction period and low cost. The soil nail wall can control deformation of foundation pit effectively so to improve greatly its stability.

There are five elements of the micropile to influence the supporting system of the composite soil nail wall:

1) Every row of the soil nail can restrict displacement of pit wall effectively.

2) The stress of the soil nailing wall has obvious time effect and excavation effect.

3) With the increase of excavation depth, the maximum shear force value of the corresponding micropile also increases gradually.

4) The bending moment of the soil nailing wall is divided into positive bending region and negative bending moment. And the maximum bending moment of the positive and negative bending moment increases with excavation depth.

5) Micropile has a certain effect to control the horizontal displacement of pit wall and decrease the axial force of the soil nail wall.