Drill Hollow Bar soil nail is suitable for a variety of soil types and conditions

Drill Hollow Bar soil nails provide an in-situ reinforcement for the stabilisation of slopes. Typical applications include railway embankments and road widening projects. The Sinorock Drill
Hollow Bar System offers high rates of production when installed using the simultaneous drill and grout method.

For permanent soil nailing applications, galvanizing or epoxy coating can be applied as a practical means of extending the life of the nail. Alternatively, a sacrificial corrosion allowance can be made by upsizing the Sinorock Drill Hollow Bar, calculating the loss of cross section over the lifespan of the soil nail to ensure the required longevity.

Face details consist of a bearing plate with beveled washers when required for angle compensation.

For confinement of the face between the bearing plates, a shotcrete or reinforced geogrid will provide the necessary restraint.
This soil stabilization method is suitable for a variety of soil types and conditions, and can be used to secure unstable slopes, control erosion, safely oversteepen banks for construction purposes, and stabilize retaining walls and fill slopes.

More economical and with less environmental impact than many other stabilization methods, soil nails can be a great solution for many projects.

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