Construction Quality Inspection of Soil Nail Wall

According to construction quality, soil nail wall, as retaining structure, should meet regular requirement of strength, deformation, stability and durability, etc. Especially in deep foundation pit excavation, control and restraint of deformation is more important.

So, construction process should combine with local inspection. Through measured data, geological condition will be explored constantly and then direct construction for next step.

During soil nail wall construction, following tips should be tested to ensure construction quality.

1. Inspection of raw materials.
2.Inspection of grouting strength and sprayed concrete strength.
3. Thickness inspection of sprayed concrete.
4. Soil nail pull-out resistance test.
5. Measurement of support displacement.
6. Inspection of floor state of crack.
7. Observation of surrounding buildings, pipe lines and other facilities.
8. Variation of underground water and leakage water.

During construction process, designed parameter should be adjusted according to problems that have been found to guarantee structures’ stability. It also demands to do inspection work to ensure security, time limit for project and economical efficiency.