Construction Quality Control of Self Drilling Soil Nail

1. Design parameter should be controlled, such as soil body parameter, load, cohesive force between soil and self drilling soil nail, length, density, inclination and strength, etc.

2. Excavation depth and speed should be arranged orderly and reasonably with self drilling soil nail to maintain its stable during construction.

Earth excavation and foundation pit support construction should be in close coordination. Foundation pit support must carry out data analysis. Once problems occurring, emergency measures should be disposed in time.

Providing enough professional constructors to ensure construction progress.

Soil excavation should be carried out in sections and layers, leaving time for supporting work in every section and layer and ensuring strength of self drilling soil nail in the upper layer reach to more than 70%.

3. Self drilling soil nail construction should control positioning, hole-forming, corrosion prevention and grouting.

4. Foundation pit deformation also needs to be monitored in time. Mainly monitoring objects are roof horizontal deformation of retaining structure, surrounding pipelines’ and buildings’ settlement and deformation.