Construction Features of Soil Nailing

Soil nailing technology is an emerging retaining support, firstly used in tunnel and landslide management. The compound of soil layer and soil nail is used to resist soil pressure and other additional loads, then protect excavation face’s stability. While spraying concrete to provide constraining force for deformation among soil nailing
During excavation and support slope, soil nailing has following features:

1. The formation of soil nail compound will improve overall stability and bearing capacity of project.

2. The construction equipment is simple. The length of soil nail is shorter than anchor bolt’s, it doesn’t need to add prestress.

3. Excavation work is conducted in sections, without taking up operating time, with high-efficiency and short-period.

4. Soil nailing can be operated in small spaces, with low noise and vibration, especially having buildings around.

5. The cost of soil nailing is lower than other supporting structures.

6. Self-deformation of soil nailing is small, so it has little influence on surrounding buildings.

Based on the complexities and influences of construction conditions, geological conditions, ground loading conditions and other factors, various monitoring work should be carried out before excavation, such as: rock and soil character, supporting structure and environment conditions, etc. Then reflecting monitoring results to guide design and construction.