China Restored Construction of Katmandu Inner Ring Road

On January 14, 2016, beside Monohara Bridge, the inner ring road of Katmandu, a group of Chinese workers was carrying on lifting operation of bridge’s precast beam and slab, which marked that this project was officially restored to be constructed.

This inner ring road project is constructed with the help of Chinese government. It was started working on Sep. 6, 2013, but after big earthquake on Apr. 25, 2015, southern riot in Nepal and border port closure, this project had been stagnant. At the beginning of 2016, to respond the urgent demand of Nepalese government, constructors overcame difficulty of resource shortage and promoted bridging work.

The project principal declared that so far, the construction of beam and slab of Monohara Bridge was constructing, road construction was also actively preparing to strive for bringing benefit to Nepalese as soon as possible.

The inner ring road of Katmandu is about 10-kilometer-long and 50-meter-wide, it is designed two-way 8-lane. To reinforce stratum and support project, soil nailing support will have great effect.

Soil nailing support is suitable for loose and broken conditions, different size has different tensile strength and elongation rate. It has obvious effect than common supporting methods in project construction.