Anhui Segment of Tianmu Mountain Tunnel Completed

Through 600 workers’ effort and more than 800 days, the longest and most difficult tunnel of Hangzhou-Huangshan Railway, Anhui Segment of Tianmu Mountain Tunnel, was completed on September 22, which was 100 days earlier than plan duration and laid a solid foundation for completion of whole Tianmu Mountain.

Tianmu Mountain Tunnel of Hangzhou-Huangshan Railway is located at Tianmu Mountain, border of Anhui Province and Zhejiang Province, overall length is 12013m and Anhui segment is 5506m. It is the controlling project of the whole line and the longest railway tunnel in eastern China at present.

This tunnel is designed as I grade high-risk tunnel, there are 7 fault zones, many high ground stress regions, shallow buried crushed zones and contact zones. Long segment loose accumulation body is at the entrance of tunnel, the largest water inflow in tunnel is about 12000 cube per day. Adding with steep mountain, narrow roadway, it brought great difficulty for construction and transportation.

During tunnel construction, soil nail system can ensure good grouting effect under complex condition. It has advantages in aspects of bending resistance, shearing strength and surface bonding. It can prevent soil body’s deformation, settlement, collapse and deformation.

Hangzhou-Huangshan Railway is 287km and the important constituent part of inter-city railway network in Yangtze River Delta. It will form a world-class golden tourism passageway, connecting with Hangzhou, Fuchun River, Xin’an River, Qiandao Lake and Huangshan. It plans to be completed in 2018 and it will just cost an hour and a half from Hangzhou to Huangshan.