Analysis of the security problems about soil nail design in the geotechnical anchoring

A large number of engineering investigation data about safety accident shows,there is a widespread phenomenon that construction conditions, construction safety and construction quality can not be guaranteed and other issues in our country engineering, the bad situation of engineering construction mainly by anchoring construction process control is not in place. Soil nail is a key component of anchoring engineering, and soil nail design of anchorage engineering has direct effect on construction safety .Therefore, strengthening the research on problem of safety soil nail design is of practical significance.

(a) The safety factor of the soil nail design, test and acceptance criteria, the treatment on the defective soil nail has direct and long-term effect on the safety of rock and earth anchoring construction.

(b) The safety factor of soil nail design is of greatest importance on the influence of the rock and earth anchoring construction safety.The rules that safety factor of soil nail design decided which should be strictly according to the the time of working and the degree of that defective soil nail to the harm of public safety.

(c) The test and acceptance criteria of soil nail design is the important guarantee of safety for rock and earth anchoring construction,which are affected by the maximum test load anchor, the creep rate and elastic displacement is key indicator to determine that soil nail is qualified or not.