Advantages of Self Drilling Soil Nail

1. Self drilling soil nail sets drilling, grouting and anchoring as a whole. Each step of the construction is completed in a process. Self drilling soil nail system can help to save construction time, especially suiting for the projects with urgent period and great difficulty.

2. It’s hard to form holes by the traditional construction method for the soft and broken surrounding rocks. Although formed, the hole is easy to collapse so that it’s difficult to drill rock bolt or cable bolt into the hole. While self drilling soil nail technology just makes up the deficiency of traditional technology.

3. Self drilling soil nail with full thread can be connected to any length easily to meet the demands of different projects.

4. The bonding stress of T-thread self drilling soil nail with coupler and grouting is over one time higher than that of the conventional rock bolt.

5. During drilling, self drilling soil nail adopts strong slagging measures with high pressure water and high pressure air, accelerating the drilling speed.

6. After drilling, soil nail will be left in the hole so as to avoid collapse, save the drilling time and decrease the construction difficulty.

7. Self drilling soil nail can realize the hard process of drilling and grouting simultaneously, forming the grouting body with rough surface which can well connect with the surrounding rock and achieve good anchoring quality. As the grouting is running from the bottom to the mouth of the hole, any direction of the soil nail can ensure full grouting.

8. The comprehensive engineering cost of self drilling soil nail technology is lower than the traditional technology in the complex geological conditions. The construction duration can be shortened by about 25%.