44 Hydroelectric Projects Will Be Explored in Burma

It’s reported on Sep. 19 that government of Burma would explore 44 hydroelectric projects. Most of them are located in Salween River. At the same time, government will research methods of the smallest influence on natural environment. After affirmation and trust of the public, they will start working.

Salween River derives from southern foot of Tanggula Mountains, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, is the longest river in Southeast Asia and Burma. Plateau section is mainly in upstream, mountain is flat, water volume is plenty; in midstream, slope is steep, water flow is rapid, high mountains and deep gullies are many; in downstream, rainwater is plenty, mountains are wide and open.

Hydroelectric project is generally built in mountains, under gravity action, water’s fall forms kinetic energy. To play electricity generation function to the greatest extent and ensure project for long term stability, self drilling soil nail is usually used for slope support and tunnel reinforcement.

Through soil nail, slurry bonds loose and broken soil body together, which will improve its integrity and stability, and improve self drilling soil nail’s pulling resistance. Drilling and grouting in sections can also improve construction’s security.