3 Advantages of Stainless Anchor Bolts

1.Stainless anchor bolts cost less in the long run.

When one considers the substantial cost of replacing anchors due to failure or of replacing stones because of staining, stainless steel is the most economical material over the full building lifetime. It is also reassuring for the owner to know that his building will not be plagued with falling stones.

2.The corrosion resistance of stainless anchor bolts is ideal.

Nonstaining qualities of stainless steels are also reassuring to both architect and building owner. While stains can sometimes be removed from stone facings, the time and expense involved are far greater than the original cost of the anchors. And once staining begins, there is no reason to believe that it will stop with time.

3.Strength is an important benefit of stainless anchor bolts.

In the annealed condition, yield and tensile strengths of stainless steels exceed those of other architectural metals. Also, in practice the stainless anchor bolts gain in strength when cold worked. Considerably higher strengths can therefore be obtained in anchors and fasteners, allowing some manufacturers to improve structural efficiency over other anchor or fastener materials, thus resulting in further economies.